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The current build is not stable. Your account might be deleted before the service's launch and/or during the service's development.
You can test the service but do not keep things there as developers will not wait for you to delete the database.
Once the database is reset, its data is gone for ever.

We also use cookie so you don't have to change the theme at every reconnection and it also stores your last connection's username for you next connection.
We are also working on securing data so there might be unintentionnal data leaks. Please do not send nuclear codes through this app during development. Maybe later, idk.

We also use standard notifications and push notifications. The developers plans.
Just kidding, we just send you the latest messages, even when the website is not running in your browser, that's it.
You'll soon be able to block people. We'll also add custom notification settings per user, so you get your daddy's notifications but not Terry's.

Google Analytics was added so we can measure the user interactivity with the website and also ensure a quicker answer to site unavailability

The service and the developers cannot be held accountable for what's stored in the server
If you want some data to be deleted because it belongs to you, make sure to ask us at the email address provided when you register

Follow me on Twitter @sebpautot so we can chat and maybe chat. And also chat. While I update the website.

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